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Gefilte Fish $3.99/each
Chicken Holodetz $8.99/each
Chicken Liver Pate $1.69/100g
Prune and beet salad $1.69/100g
Vinigret Salad $1.49/100g
Grilled eggplant Salad $1.69/100g
Babaganush Salad $1.69/100g
Chicken Mushroom Salad $2.49/100g
Olivie Vegetarian $1.59/100g
Olivie chicken $1.59/100g
Olivie baloney $1.49/100g
Sliced Veal Tongue $2.99/100g
Potato Latkes $1.29/each
Forshmak $1.99/100g
Chicken Blintz $1.99/each
Potato Mushroom Blintz $1.99/each


Whole fish barramundi $12.99/each
Sweet and sour Beef $24.99/kg
Beef brisket whole $39.99/kg
Beef Brisket sliced With mushroom sauce $32.99/kg
Beef shish kebab $39.99/kg
Lamb shish kebab $39.99/kg
Chicken shish kebab $29.99/kg
Chicken Breast shish kebab $32.99/kg
Lamb Plov $18.99/kg


Sliced Potatoes with mushrooms $16.99/kg
small Potatoes with dill & garlic $16.99/kg
Rice with carrots $12.99/kg
Grilled Vegetables $16.99/kg

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