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Cheese Platter

Havarti / Jarlsberg / Gouda

S: $35 M: $50 L: $65

Cold Cut Platter

Assorted Salami / Turkey Breast / Assorted Smoked Meat/ Roast Beef

S: $30 M: $45 L: $60

Fish Platter

Salmon / Mackerel / Sturgeon / Halibut

S: $35 M: $50 L: $65

Pickled Goods Platter

Pickles / Cabbage / Tomatoes / Carrots

S: $25 M: $35 L: $45

Blintz & Caviar

S: $45 M: $65 L: $85

Salad Platter

Choose from our authentic homemade salads

S: $35 M: $50 L: $65

Fruit Platter

S: $30 M: $45 L: $60

Memoza with Tuna

$12.99 each

Memoza with Salmon

$14.99 each

Herring with Onion

$6.49 each

Dressed Herring

$13.99 each


$6.99 each – Small  $15.99 each – Large



Marinated Mushrooms


Chicken Breast Latkes $2.39/100g
chicken Mushroom Rolls $2.59/100g
Blintz with Chicken or Potato or Sweet Cheese $1.89/Each
Plain Blintz $3.00/5pc
Chicken Potato Cutlets (Zrazy) $2.99/Each
Potato Latkes $1.29/Each
Chicken Liver $2.19/100g
Chicken with dry fruit and apple $3.49/Each

Chicken or Pork Homemade Sausage $2.49/100g
Chicken Stuffed Legs $3.49/each
Beef tongue $2.99/100g
Beef tongue With Mushrooms $2.49/100g
Lamb Samsa $2.99/Each
Fish Rolls $2.19/100g
Mushroom Julienne $2.99/Each
Beef and Lamb Dolma $2.49/100g
Beef and Lamb Lula Kebab $2.39/100g



Chicken Cutlet $2.79/Each
Chicken Breast Cutlet $3.29/Each
Kiev Cutlet $2.79/Each
Chicken Cutlet with Mushroom $3.99/Each
Chicken Schnitzel $2.39/100g
Chicken Tabaka $8.99/Each
Chicken Meatballs $1.79/100g
Chicken Shish Kebobs $2.49/100g
Chicken Breast Kebobs $2.59/100g
Chicken and Celery Stew $2.19/100g

Chicken Leg in Dough $5.99/Each
Chicken Stew $1.69/100g
Chicken Pie $12.99/Each
Chicken Cabbage Rolls $1.89/100g
Chicken Stuffed Peppers $1.89/100g
Chicken Rolls with Mushrooms $2.59/100g
Chicken Goulash $1.69/100g
Barley with Chicken $1.49/100g
Pasta with chicken $1.49/100g


Beef Brisket $3.29/100g
Beef Liver with Fried Onion $2.19/100g
Beef Stroganoff $2.19/100g
Beef Sweet & Sour $2.19/100g
Beef Shish Kebob $2.99/100g
Beef Goulash $1.69/100g


BBQ Ribs $2.49/100g
Pork schnitzel $2.19/100g
Pork Ham $2.79/100g


Lamb Pilaf $1.69/100g
Lamb Damlama $1.89/100g
Roasted Lamb $3.49/100g
Lamb Shish kebob $3.29/100g


Basa Fillet $1.69/100g
Hake $1.69/100g
Fish Cutlet $3.29/Each
Salmon $3.49/100g
Salmon with Vegetables $3.29/100g
Halibut $3.49/100g
Sea Bass $12.99/Each
Basa in Tomato Sauce $1.69/100g


Olivie with Baloney $1.29/100g
Olivie with Chicken $1.49/100g
Olivie Vegetarian $1.29/100g
Tuna Salad $1.99/100g
Crab and Corn Salad $1.69/100g
Cheese and Garlic Spread $1.99/100g
Eggplant Rings Salad $1.69/100g
Sicilian Salad $2.49/100g
Babaganush Salad $1.69/100g

Vinigrette Salad $1.29/100g
Riga Salad $2.19/100g
Mushroom Spread $2.19/100g
Cabbage Salad $1.29/100g
Chicken Liver Plate $1.69/100g
Odessa Salad $1.69/100g
Crab and Cheese Spread $1.89/100g
Eggplant & Pepper Salad $1.69/100g
Saute Salad $1.69/100g

Israeli Beet Salad $1.49/100g
Beet and Prune Salad $1.69/100g
Kani Salad $2.19/100g
Bean Salad $1.69/100g
Carrot Salad $1.49/100g
Mushroom and Corn Salad $1.69/100g
Beef Tongue Salad $2.49/100g

Asian Fusion Salads

Spicy Korean Cabbage $1.49/100g

Tomato Rings Korean Style $1.99/100g

Kimchi $1.69/100g

Oyster Salad $2.49/100g

Nameko Salad $2.49/100g

Pickled Peppers and Garlic $2.19/100g

Chicken Meatball $5.99/1L
Beef Borscht $5.99/1L
Vegetarian Borscht $4.99/1L
Kharcho (Lamb Soup) $6.99/1L
Salmon $6.99/1L
Bean with Beef $5.99/1L
Rassolnik  $5.99/1L

Green Borscht $5.99/1L
Svekolnik (cold beet soup) $5.99/1L
Mushroom Soup $6.99/1L
Pea Soup $5.99/1L
Beef Lagman $6.99/1L
Solyanka (sweet and sour soup) $5.99/1L


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